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Tips For Accommodating Dietary Restrictions And Allergies At Your Memorial Day Party

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So, you’re planning on having a big Memorial Day party, and you’re having a hard time planning the menu. It’s no wonder. Gone are the days when a host or hostess can simply serve up hotdogs and hamburgers to a crowd and assume that everyone will leave satisfied. If you’re having a large group of people over at your house, you can pretty safely assume that there will be at least one vegetarian or vegan, and at least one or two people with allergies or other dietary restrictions. These tips will help you serve all your guests food that they’ll like and enjoy.  Go Vegan Vegetarians eat no meat, but will consume dairy products. Vegans can eat no meat, no dairy and no animal products of any kind. This includes, but is not limited to, honey, eggs, cheese and yogurt. Vegetarians can eat vegan food, but vegans may not be able to eat vegetarian food. If you’re grilling hamburgers in the back yard and want to ensure that any vegetarians or vegans will have something to eat, grill some vegan patties without cheese. Doing this will ensure that your vegan and vegetarian guests will have a hamburger patty to eat. If your vegetarian guests would like cheese on their patty, tell them they may request cheese on a case-by-case basis.  Clearly Label All Foods that Involve Peanuts Peanut allergies can be deadly. To prevent problems, the best policy is to avoid putting any peanuts in any of the foods you serve. If you must serve food with peanuts, make sure that the peanuts are clearly visible on top of the food (not hidden inside), and label the foods on the table as containing peanuts.  Offer Healthy Salads Some of your guests may have restrictions in their diet relating to cholesterol and fat. To accommodate these guests, serve healthy bowls of salad alongside the burgers. Chunks of baked chicken or turkey can be sprinkled on top of the salad to provide healthy protein, but leave the meat off of the salad and allow the guests to put the meat on themselves. This will ensure that your vegetarian and vegan guests will also be able to eat the salad.  Hire a Catering Company The easiest way to ensure that your Memorial Day party will accommodate the dietary restrictions of all your guests is to hire a catering company to bring in the food. When you place the order, ask the catering company to accommodate these dietary restrictions. Catering companies naturally design their menus to accommodate a variety of dietary needs at all private parties. In addition to the fact that your catering company will ensure that all your guests are properly served, hiring outside help will take the pressure off of your shoulders and will give you a chance to enjoy your party along with the rest of your...

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Stove Parts Suppliers: All About The STAR Certification Program For Owners & Businesses

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Stove part suppliers (such as K & D Factory Service Inc) carry a diverse selection of kitchen-related appliances, from grills and griddles to ranges and ovens, you can find it all at places like these. But you probably didn’t know that you can sign up for certification classes and equipment training courses at many stove parts supply stores. This article is about the STAR Certification program that many suppliers participate in and what exactly it can provide for individuals and for those who work in the industry. STAR Certification Training: Appliance Training  Most stove parts supply stores offer customers and restaurant professionals the opportunity to complete a STAR Certification course. This certification training encompasses every aspect of the food service industry and is great for individuals with a desire to better understand their appliances, as well as for businesses looking to increase the knowledge and customer service of their employees. Customer Service Training  Not only do STAR certifications train individuals in how to properly use and care for their equipment, but those who are taking the class to improve their knowledge as an employee will be happy to learn that the course also includes training in customer service. This includes training in customer interaction prior to and following service calls, repairs, and installations, and is designed to cultivate more satisfying business-to-customer relationships. Parts Management & Inventory  The STAR training also covers things like parts management. This is another area where many businesses may lack formal training and organization, and the certification class includes everything from managing warehouse parts and inventory to parts management out in the field.  Administration Training  The certification also covers important administration aspects of the stove parts business. Regarding service calls, employees are trained in how to properly and efficiently dispatch a service technician. Of course, for technicians, the training also includes common troubleshooting techniques for various cooking equipment and all the processing details employees need to understand when performing a service call.  Planned Maintenance  Another aspect if the certification class is to ensure that participants understand the nuances of maintenance, including all the requirements and safety precautions technicians are expected to abide by in their work. This part of the training also covers individual appliance specifications to ensure that students understand the differences in protocol across different models.  Overall, the STAR Certification is a comprehensive, accelerated training course in everything ‘kitchen appliance.’ Whether you’re a homeowner or the proprietor of your own parts supply store, these courses can teach you all about the diagnostic aspect of service and maintenance, as well as help you understand whether or not your unit is operating at its maximum...

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